Transfering Property

Transferring or Selling Lots:

Ownership is established based on the following.  All names on the designated lines establishing ownership at the time of purchase, all names on the deed, legal transfers through our office, transfers through legal divorce agreements specifically referencing exact plot information at Worcester County Memorial Park, Legal Wills, proper death certificates, and Massachusetts Next of Kin Laws.  All forms signed outside of our office need to be legally notarized and stamped. Massachusetts Intestacy Laws:

Once ownership is established you can begin to go about selling or transferring the property. We are one of the few cemeteries that allows you to sell or transfer your spaces.  We do this so our families are not stuck with unused cemetery spaces.  Keep in mind, these are not a savings bond or an investment.  They were purchased as protection for your family and were not ever originally purchased to make a profit on, so keep this in mind when trying to sell them.  Massachusetts State Law prohibits the purchase of cemetery property in that manner.

You can transfer them to family or friends, donate them to local charities or churches (some of which you might be able to use as a tax donation), or advertise to find potential buyers.

Selling price: 
The cemetery does not buy back property for more than the original purchase price. It is up to the seller to set the sales price.  You can find the current costs of our Gardens here.  Keep in mind we also offer different programs and discounts that are not all listed.  We handle 100’s of transfers throughout the year, most of which are when property is sold for low cost.  Our prices reflect accepting monthly payments for up to 72 months, credit cards, ach monthly debiting, and benefitting from our preplanning services.  Your buyers are looking for a deal.  If you try to list the property for what we do, you will be wasting your time.

Securing a buyer:
Once you have established who you are going to transfer the spaces to, we will need their full legal names, their current address, and phone number.  Our office handles the paperwork needed to legally transfer this property.  Forms cannot be drafted until we have all this information.  The forms can be signed in our office with current valid identification or by legal notary.  Once our office gets the original paperwork and are able to verify all the documentation we will finalize the transfer of deed.

The current deed fee is $185.00.

Possible Donation Organizations:
Veterans Inc Worcester
Veterans: Project New Hope
Children and Families:  Why ME / Sherry’s House Worcester
Special Needs Family:  Seven Hills Worcester


Any questions feel free to contact us here or call the office @ 508-791-0350

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