Spring 2018 Updates

Grounds Update: 04.24.18

We started the winter breaking a record from 1918 for the longest cold snap. Then February came in and we set a record high beating the 1930 record of almost 70 degrees. March 12th we were ready to do all our winter cleaning, then march 13th we received a dumping of almost two feet of snow. That snow stayed with us for a few weeks, went away, then came back again April 17th. So needless to say we are far behind, weather wise, to be able to get onto our grounds to start the spring clean up. We are desperately in need of some days above 60 degrees and some wind to dry things out. It will take some time, but we are focusing all of our efforts to get onto the grounds and start working in sporadic areas as they dry out from just the luck of the draw right now. The grounds need to be dry and firm enough to drive our equipment without marking up and creating more issues. The burials from the winter will need to dry out before they are able to be loomed and seeded and also so when we place the markers flush with the ground they do not sink or get covered in mud. If you have any questions feel free to contact our office and we will give updates along the way. As always you can submit a work order repair right from our mobile and regular website and we will update you as soon as the repairs get done.

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