Summer BBQ


After a little hiatus we are looking to revamp and restart our Good Grief activities and programs.  We are looking for volunteers for an upcoming meeting to establish a new committee dedicated to helping run this program.  Please email to fund out more information or to volunteer.  Thanks!!

Good Grief is a social group for the purpose of meeting people who have experienced a loss in their lives.

Worcester County Memorial Park is proud to be sponsoring this new group for those men and women who are looking to meet new people in the area for socializing.

We now have a new group forming for those folks that have experienced a loss in their lives.  It is not a grief support group, but instead a group to meet new friends and socialize.

We will be planning day trips, luncheons, dinners; walking groups, theaters, Boston duck tours, and trips to the casino.

When someone passes, it is hard to get back into going out and socializing and sometimes you feel like the third wheel.  Well not anymore!  This is a way to make new friends and live again!!  That’s what this group is all about.

It was great to hear people laughing and see everyone socializing like they knew each other.  Everyone was just glad to be out and having fun.  The response has been huge.

Thanks to all for a great time at the Hawaiian Summer BBQ!!!

RSVP to Brian

Office: 508-791-0350 or email

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