– Procrastination –
The Chaplains Corner

It’s easy, just think about it but do not do it now, later is easier. This statement is not necessarily so. I believe everyone does this from time to time. There are many reasons we can give for this, some appear to be pretty good, and others are just fluff. I love to do Watercolor and Drawing, however planning takes some time. When teaching it, I point out to the students it is worth thinking things through before putting the brush to the paper or canvas as the painting usually turns out to be a nice piece of art work.

This is a case where it works most times. Doing things impulsively also works at times. Think about reacting quickly such as doing a sketch. A Sunset with people on the beach could be one of those times, as things change rapidly and you do not want to lose the moment or forget about some of the details. Procrastination may have already set in because you put off putting your sketch book and pencil in your pocket, or your camera, and left at home on your night stand. You put off placing it back in your jacket where you usually carry it. Have you heard the old cliché? “Do not put off today what you can do tomorrow” However one cuts it, whatever the task, it does not get done now. The task may or may not linger and the opportunity could be lost to do something about it. “I should have said I Love You, however it is too late now”, that loved one passed during the night. Think about it. On the other hand,
“I am so glad I said that yesterday.” Keeping things in perspective and realistic is a good idea as life itself is uncertain. The one thing I can do is “Do IT NOW”. There are many examples of
Procrastination and their results found in history and the scriptures. Take the time now to look them up, then pass their results on to a friend. Do not procrastinate!! God Loves You and so do I!!

Chaplain Ken

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