Grief Recovery Classes


When a loss has occurred you may find yourself in denial, depression, disbelief, alone, even angry etc. What do I do now? This is a normal question asked when and after someone passes. The grief is there and that memory is normally there for a long time. Life continuous and it becomes necessary at some point to move on with yours. Some manage this process with ease while others have a lot of difficulty.  Questions confront most rather quickly such as financial change etc.  Am I forced to move or live with someone because of my circumstances, do I want to sell, are there legal or health considerations necessary to take care of, do I find it necessary to get help?

Unfortunately there are situations when a person is unable to make the necessary decisions themselves and an advocate may be or has been appointed to look after their wellbeing, which includes their feelings. All these things as well as others confront individuals, life moves forward. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, sadness, frustration, stressed out, worry, how do I deal with all these feelings and others, all coming at me at me now? First it is necessary to determine how you are feeling, try to clearly identify those feelings. Many times it is necessary to talk things over with a friend, a spiritual adviser or other professionals in order to get things in perspective.

Help and comfort are closer than you think. Grief programs are available to help you with this process also. It is normal to be worried, shocked, and sad, upset also to feel guilty and scared. You are not alone! They will help you towards resolving things. Simply talking things over in confidence to someone who has a listening ear, is nonjudgmental, also has an open mind can be a good thing to do and can help guide you toward a positive path. Worcester County Memorial Park has a Chaplain available twice a week who can help with these issues as well as many others.

Whatever the issues are or the circumstances, stop in or call for an appointment, a time can be arranged for your convenience, (508) – 791 – 0350, there is hope and healing.   This service is free.

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