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Decisions are part of our everyday lives. Whenever we make a decision there is a choice to be made between this and that, or one thing or another. These decisions can be simple or complicated, trivial, or life altering. Some changes come about slowly, creep up on us and may be difficult to deal with as far as making the decision we know we should make and may need assistance to make. Others are quick (“In the moment or snap decisions.”) Therefore it is important we possess the knowledge to make a decision with wisdom, courage, confidence, and sincerity. For example: When avoiding an accident requiring you to do something quickly which could save your life. This could be a driving situation which requires quick thinking. Your driving ability and body’s response play a major part in this type of decision. Another type of decision might be something like surgery. This type may take a little more time or a decision to have it or not. What is the necessity or reason, also urgency? In this case one is trusting in the surgeon, also the assumed outcome based on as much information that can be gathered as quickly as possible so an informed decision can be made.

We all have our limitations and flaws, but in spite of that a decision making situation presents itself and we pray we make the correct one. We have hope, trust and faith with God on our side. We are not alone. Each of us need guidance and direction. Doubts, fears, anxieties, hopelessness can be let go then confidence, trust, and faith fill the gap, a healthy decision can then be made. There are times when simply knowing when to let go and forgive ourselves or someone is the decision to make. In any case it is hope, trust and faith that play leading roles in the process. I often remind myself we are not the judge and are in God’s service also we are forgiven. Once we realize this we are free and can ask for direction. (Pray, It Works!)  Be kind and loving to yourself and others when making decisions as your decisions may affect others’ lives. The way you feel about others often will show and people will respond likewise. Do ask for help when things appear impossible for you, choose wisely and act appropriately. Procrastinating is only putting off what you know should be done. Be honest and truthful with yourself, also those around you, especially when making decisions. Look at the whole picture.

When those decisions affect someone else be compassionate and loving. Remember how people may react and or respond. Sometimes it is difficult to hear the truth or particular information, be respectful of that for yourself and others. As I said earlier decisions always involve choice and action, do this with love. Stay focused on the goal, results will follow your decisions. Answers and results sometimes take time, be patient, others are instantaneous, all require faith and trust. Answers often are within us, pay attention, be prepared in either case. You are loved and can make a difference. When help becomes necessary seek it. Some decisions are harder than others, seek confidence and the knowledge to make them correctly, then trust. Stay connected with your creator rather than trying to muddle through life by yourself. It’s a decision, a choice, part of our everyday lives, life altering, simple.

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Chaplain Ken New

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