Chaplain New

   We are pleased to initiate a Chaplain’s Service as part of Worcester County Memorial Park. It was considered by both the Staff and our Chaplain as an important necessary addition. It enables one to have the opportunity to ask questions, talk privately, consider thoughts, aid in planning considerations for present, future, physical and spiritual needs. At present this service will be available by appointment, twice a week from 9 AM until 12 PM on Mondays and Thursdays (weather permitting), other appointments may be arranged. Please come and feel free to discuss your thoughts, planning, or any problem you wish. The staff at the park are pleased to initiate this vital service.

  Life’s journeys often take some strange and unexpected twists and turns. When this happens it sometimes puts us in a quandary as to what to do, or simply wishing we had someone to talk with openly and privately. Come and talk things over with him.

ken new

A Word About The Chaplain 

His secular background was in industry as founder and president of a company  supporting and setting up Quality Systems for industry and was in charge of technical training for a large aircraft company prior to that. 

His education in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) has enabled him to help many people. Educational background and service included in (CPE) were (Intensive Care, Medical Psychology, Partial Hospital, Drug and Alcohol, Manic Depression, Bi-polar Disorders, Out Patient as well as In Patient support.) He is an Ordained Minister, a certified Third Degree Reiki Master, (A Natural Healing System) and continues to do hospital visitations and medical advocacy work upon request.

   Other ongoing areas of study relaxation and interest are Mind – Body Relationships, Small Particle Physics, Life Here and The Here After, Art,  Photography and Theater. He is also a requested speaker.


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